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Thema: Kartenlegen

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"Take on what you are"
This is the message for today of the archangel Michael.

The most amazing thing about a human being is to be yourself, to let your unique self be carried away by that inner force that wishes to express in freedom.

Its the same life force that when you were a child led you to go where you wanted playing your games to experience as a kamikaze, without judgments, without schemes, or patterns, free, innocent, pure, magical, creative.

We forget too often our internal power and how loved we are.

Do a mental review and remember everything that as a child you loved to do, return to the place of your childhood, school, playground, places of vacation, what was it you experienced? what did you like to do? What went through your mind and what did your hands do? How were your friends? What was your favorite color? And your sport?

Go to that place and experience again everything that fascinated you and made you happy, there you will find many answers, ideas, strength that will help you today.

On one occasion I read something very interesting that I would like to share with you and that is that the universe likes to joke and one of the oldest jokes is to hide treasures, bury unexpected jewels inside us and then take a step back and wait to see if we find them.

We all have a great treasure inside waiting to be discovered, it is the search that makes the universe through your inspiration answer you, enter the game, play with the universe you will be surprised!!! your inspiration will receive answers with ideas for your reward, enthusiasm and loyalty.

Do not be afraid of your power, your light, your wisdom with every change you make inspires others, you are powerful, creative, assume what you are!

For more reinforcement ask to the Archangel Michael to inspire you in your dreams, remember that "we are made in the image and likeness of the creator" all their qualities are in you, honor your gifts.

Light & Love
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