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Thema: Kartenlegen

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Not all people have experienced the "falling" only a few have experienced it more strongly than others. The most fortunate ones have come out practically unharmed, others unfortunately have not been able to tell.


There are many obstacles that are in the way of life, often these are so subtle, invisible to human eyes, or just do not want to see them consciously and look at the other way waiting for them to disappear.
Meanwhile the suffering visite you to stay for a period of time, perhaps with no intention of leaving.

It is then, when we run out of memory, knowing with certainty and remembering that it is peace in your heart that it comes from heaven, you do not need to suffer!!! can you repeat this please when you are in that place.


The right to be happy belongs to all of us, that is the right of life, of your life, that is untouchable, it is your right and of no one else.

It is a fortune, the delicacy of the fragility that makes us vulnerable and at the same time so alive.

Feel proud to feel every millimeter of your skin, because that makes you powerful, strong, wiser.

Celebrate the feelings that run through you as if there were no tomorrow.

Embrace all the love that it is in your heart and maybe someone did not want, may your love from your warm heart be ready to be shared with someones that are waiting for you. Only you.

Let the joy be the main guest in your house, do not let it go, let it always smile on you, simply because you are here, you are alive.

Remember: It is peace in your heart from heaven, do not suffer!!

Light & Love
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