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Thema: Kartenlegen

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A - How is it possible that being so young your heart is so ill?

B * Excuse me, what are you telling me?

A - your heart is in a bad condition!

B * sorry but I think you re talking about a different patient.

A - Your name is "Ana", are you?

B * Yes, of course it´s me.

A - Well these medical reports are what they indicate, your heart is not well.

And suddenly leaving the metal folder on my legs, while I was ready to enter the operating room lying on the stretcher, totally bewildered and in a panic, the young nurse, whom I do not remember but her tone voice and her youth because I felt challenged, disappeared from the ante-room of the operating room.

Once in the room, the first thing I asked the doctor when he visited me to explain that the surgical procedure had gone very well and that everything was perfect I had to ask him about the young nurse.

My astonished doctor tells me that he has no knowledge of this nurse, I told him what she told me that she was the assistant of the anesthetist and then I told him everything she told me about my heart, my doctor astonished look between the documents in the metal folder and there was nothing, no report, no name of any nurse, neither young or old, absolutely nothing.

This experience left me very thoughtful

This experience left me very thoughtful, I did not know what was happening, if my heart was on the limit of a heart attack, I felt anguished and totally out of place.

A few months later, almost by chance I went to visit a therapist who works with energies therapies, this lady after the session told me that my heart was very beaten, hurt, that I needed to take care of it, my heart chakra was blocked - also she told me that the angels present themselves in inexplicable ways.

It was the second time I heard that my heart was not well - that´s when I understood, to rule out any doubt, I had a medical check-up with the cardiologist, everything was in perfect condition and I started working on the heart chakra.

In reality, they are life´s circumstances, each one has his own, nevertheless those circumstances are not us, we all have in our interior the potential of greatness, our virtues and infinite possibilities.

The errors only serve to hide the valuable nature of our future contribution to humanity.

By this I mean that when life puts us challenges which we find difficult to accept or understand, those wounds and bad experiences are what lead us to our deepest development of our spirituality and beauty.

If you feel you have difficulty in relating to others, you are on the defensive state, you depend on the approval and attention of others, you tend to isolate yourself, you feel excessive jealousy - your heart is blocked.

How can we unblock the heart and feel the balance in our being again?

The first thing is to become aware that you need to readjust some things, change things that no longer work, take the necessary time, take a journey to your deepest part of you in an honest, affectionate and kind way.

Perhaps life reached a point where drive us to make a stop, because our body can not keep going that way anymore, perhaps we have read something that has fallen on our face like cold water, we have become aware that something does not work anymore as we want at this stage.

The Heart Chakra - (Anahata)

His energy fills with compassion, love, beauty, has a direct effect on our behavior and health.

It is the chakra that is in the middle of the chest, thymus gland, lymphatic system.

Green color, its element the air linked to our breathing and movement.

Like air: amplitude like the sky, touch and move.

It is where the two feminine and masculine energies come together.

Divine unity, center where it connects and integrates.

Stones: Jade, Rose quartz, aventurine.

Mantra: YAM

Yoga: Asanas: Camel, arch standing position, cobra.

Food: Fruits and green vegetables. Phytonutrients.

Meditation is highly recommended, and especially the Yam mantra, if you have never practiced meditation, it may be a good time to get started, listen to this mantra even in the background.

The stones / gems also help, they are like an anchor to remember the importance of compassion, acceptance, love, beauty, harmony, how important it is for you to feel, take the gems with you, are your reminder!!!!

The daily affirmations, you can say them out loud, so that you can listen to yourself or if you prefer you can repeat them in your mind while listening to the Yam mantra.


My heart chakra is open, I´m fine.
I choose compassion, love, joy
I love myself unconditionally and offer the same love to others
My heart is free from the wounds of the past.
I know my emotions and I accept whatever form they may take
I forgive others, I forgive myself
I am open to love and to receive more of it every day
I give love freely and this brings me joy.

To start working, it is important to dedicate time, make space for yourself in silence, if you think it can help you write, do it, express yourself, write how you feel, identify emotions, search inside yourself, maybe it will help you paint, draw, listen to music, relax.

Avoid troubled people or tense situations, surround yourself with sincere friendships, family, focus on connecting with yourself and others.

Go for a walk if you live in a city a park with vegetation, trees, gardens, surround yourself with nature, slow down, put down your guard and listen to your body, be kind, patient, embrace your heart.

My best wishes for you that Divine Love and infinite happiness are in union with your soul.

Light & Love
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