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Thema: Kartenlegen

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The houses collect all the energy of the people who inhabit them, in fact they speaks about who live inside.
If you are going to live or move to a new house, it is important to do a cleaning before entering, if on the other hand you feel a strange energy in your house, also these tips will help you to feel better.

Before beginning the energetic cleaning, you have to put your conscience and willingness for the change. Start a day that you feel good with energy, you can raise your vibration by playing happy music to contribute to the vibration in your home.


Ventilate everything.

Open all windows and doors to circulate the air, so that it is renewed with clean and fresh air even if it is cold outside.

Burning incense

Nag Champa incense: base composition of sandalwood, oils and floral essences, used in Hindu ceremonies, Buddhist temples. Renew the air with tranquility, peace, good environmental energy.

Repair or eliminate broken things

The broken objects bring that broken and stagnant energy to your house, the things that you have damaged get rid of them, do not cling.

Clean with apple cider vinegar.

The deep cleaning of floors, handles, doors with clear water and apple cider vinegar, you can also use sea salt in the corners of the house for 48 hours to absorb negative energies.

Neutral colors

Renew colors to make your place more relaxed, calm, light. Dark colors make spaces smaller than they really are and heavy.

Sound of a bell

The sounds and the vibratory waves move away the negative energies, make a bell ring in each room, you can even hang it behind the door, put your intention in the peace mind when making it sound.

Use crystals

Pink quartz replaces negative feelings and emotions in positives, keep them close to electronic devices.

Your house is your sanctuary, it is the place where you rest and renew your energies, surrounded by a warm, calm and relaxed atmosphere, you will feel renewed and prepared to face the daily routine. It is important the energy that you maintain and the environment that you create.

Remember fill yourself with light, energy, color, surround yourself with green plants and natural flowers.

Light & Love
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