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Europe is becoming increasingly multicultural. We at Zukunftsblick embrace this development and seek to overcome language barriers. Stop trying to find the right words in a foreign language. Let us advise you in your native language. From now on Zukunftsblick provides you with advisors who speak English.

Tarot Reader Tina

I can see your relationship and your future.

Are you interested in knowing how your life will continue?

When I was a little child, I was playing at the beach

watching strangers pass by

revealing them things about their future

which my mother has told me many years later

This gift has been inherited over three generations

I bought a set of Tarot cards as a teenager

The gift started to grow stronger

Today after more than 20 years of practicing offer my service to anyone who asks for it

I help from the deepest bottom of my heart

The angels support me with their love, power and energy

They use me as their vessel to show you the right way

Together we are going to find a solution

My belief in destiny is very strong

Every step, every word and every twinkle of an eye is written in the eternity

I do not believe in coincidence

Everything is meant to be and happens for a reason

Every separation is a new beginning

and the new beginning never ending happiness

I would love to hear from you

With lots of love,



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Russian Medium

Hello my name is Erika, I was born of Russian descent in Germany.

At a young age, I was fascinated by maps and the look into the future, and I learned old Russian methods from my grandmother. Immediately I noticed my talent and have since applied it.

Since my father is well versed in the Kabbalah (mystical tradition in Judaism), he has taught me how to use the Kabbalah as a wish fulfillment for me and others.

Since I knew from the beginning that I wanted to heal people and bring them on a good path, I learned the couple and sex therapy.

After that, I finally started my psychological education on cognitive psychotherapy.

My goal is to heal people on 3 levels, body, mind and soul.

I face every problem openly. Together we find solutions for the current situation, look to the future, cleanse chakras and solve blockages. On request, the Kabbalah can be used for wish fulfillment.

Specialties: couple and sex problems, love and relationships, emergency aid in case of panic and anxiety, blockade solution, chakra cleaning, card reading, Kabbalah to wish fulfillment.

Waiting for your calls

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Intuitive Guidance Anna

Since I was little I have felt a special attraction and an intense curiosity to know that there is beyond the visible world to the eyes.

I remember praying and talking to God at a very early age (7-8 years) in the Monastery church in the mountains where we used to spend our family vacations.

My mind and heart always needed to know many things and the questions of why we are here, what is beyond? , where we go ? always with the feeling that someone was by my side communicating with me in different ways, that energy had no end.

During adolescence I was looking for answers without rest, I had to know always more, I got in contact different religions, bible, books of Psychology, Sociology, the oriental world, I was passionate to meet new people and know how they felt, lived, and find answers. For this reason I have always connected with people from all over the world.

Already in adulthood and after going through several experiences in life some more painful and others full of joy, I found myself at a point where almost without looking for it I was immersed in a spiritual retreat in the city of Barcelona.

In that group of 12 people it was the first time where I had the opportunity to SEE what had really been happening in all the years during my life, it was like finding all the pieces of the puzzle, finally seeing and feeling the complete drawing.

Since then I have carried out various trainings such as Life coach- in various cities of Spain, mindfullnes, family constellations, hand healing, I practice yoga-meditation, chakra alignment, intuitive communication through tarot cards.

My greatest wish is to give back to life all the light, energy and love that this gives me each day, being available for other people to discover their own light, talents that they already possess, find answers for their own growth and purpose of life , through the intuitive reading of the tarot cards.

I believe that love is the vehicle to connect human beings and know that everyone in different circumstances feels the same way , the path is there to be discover , full of adventures and unique magic moments, where we are ALWAYS accompanied.

"What would the world be without love for our hearts? A magic lamp without light!" (J.W.Von Goethe)

Yours Anna

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