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Europe is becoming increasingly multicultural. We at Zukunftsblick embrace this development and seek to overcome language barriers. Stop trying to find the right words in a foreign language. Let us advise you in your native language. From now on Zukunftsblick provides you with advisors who speak English.


I am a medium with empathic and clairvoyant abilities, specializing in Tarot and Lenormand card readings.

I warmly welcome you to my page.

My name is Ahva Tamara, and it´s a pleasure to meet you here.

In my earliest childhood days, a world filled with magic unfolded before me.

I discovered my innate psychic abilities as a high Indigo.

Through my grandmother, I learned the art of Tarot and Lenormand card readings, as well as pendulum work from a young age. These tools are my means to delve into the depths of the soul and unveil hidden messages.

I´ve been providing guidance for over 25 years now, assisting many individuals, their animals, and families.

With my psychic gift, I possess the ability to transform negative energies and blockages, elevating you to a higher vibration. I have a kind of super antenna, enabling me to sense, hear, and see on a subtle level.

Each consultation is a journey where I compassionately attend to your needs, helping you find clarity and solace. I am delighted to accompany you on the path to a fulfilling partnership.

It is my deepest conviction to assist people with an open heart and a clear mind.

One of my specialties, honed over seven years of practice, is the subject of narcissism and emotional abuse. Whether in relationships, with children, in families, or even in the workplace.

When it comes to dealing with narcissism, I will strengthen your emotional security and self-esteem. I support you in recognizing the toxic patterns affecting you and your relationships, helping you establish healthy boundaries and regain your self-worth.

On my journey, I have earned a Bachelor´s in Psychology, certifications in Mental Training, Regression Therapy, comprehensive Reiki training, and a CMG (Certification of Master Guidance).

I am fluent in two languages: English and German.

With me, you´ll soar like an eagle.

I look forward to working with you.

From the heart,

Ahva Tamara

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Hello my name is Erika, I was born of Russian descent in Germany.

At a young age, I was fascinated by maps and the look into the future, and I learned old Russian methods from my grandmother. Immediately I noticed my talent and have since applied it.

Since my father is well versed in the Kabbalah (mystical tradition in Judaism), he has taught me how to use the Kabbalah as a wish fulfillment for me and others.

Since I knew from the beginning that I wanted to heal people and bring them on a good path, I learned the couple and sex therapy.

After that, I finally started my psychological education on cognitive psychotherapy.

My goal is to heal people on 3 levels, body, mind and soul.

I face every problem openly. Together we find solutions for the current situation, look to the future, cleanse chakras and solve blockages. On request, the Kabbalah can be used for wish fulfillment.

Specialties: couple and sex problems, love and relationships, emergency aid in case of panic and anxiety, blockade solution, chakra cleaning, card reading, Kabbalah to wish fulfillment.

Waiting for your calls

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