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Europe is becoming increasingly multicultural. We at Zukunftsblick embrace this development and seek to overcome language barriers. Stop trying to find the right words in a foreign language. Let us advise you in your native language. From now on Zukunftsblick provides you with advisors who speak English.

Astrologer Sita

Spiritual Coaching - Astrology - Cartomancy - Channeling


do you have questions regarding your karmic task, the background and cause of current difficulties or do you have questions on your professional or private life? Do you want to know your future? You can ask me any question.

I am a certifed astrologer and combine astrology with cartomancy and channeling. The method I use depends on your question or your wish.

I am looking forward to help you with my knowledge and my long-term experience.

Much light and love


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Tarot Reader Tina

I can see your relationship and your future.

Are you interested in knowing how your life will continue?

When I was a little child, I was playing at the beach

watching strangers pass by

revealing them things about their future

which my mother has told me many years later

This gift has been inherited over three generations

I bought a set of Tarot cards as a teenager

The gift started to grow stronger

Today after more than 20 years of practicing offer my service to anyone who asks for it

I help from the deepest bottom of my heart

The angels support me with their love, power and energy

They use me as their vessel to show you the right way

Together we are going to find a solution

My belief in destiny is very strong

Every step, every word and every twinkle of an eye is written in the eternity

I do not believe in coincidence

Everything is meant to be and happens for a reason

Every separation is a new beginning

and the new beginning never ending happiness

I would love to hear from you

With lots of love,



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Zukunftsblick hilft

Zukunftsblick hilft

Selbsthilfe-Organisation für betroffene Familien. Die Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz ist eine Selbsthilfe-Organisation und wurde 1987 gegründet. Sie unterstützt betroffene Familien beratend, informierend, finanziell und mit vielen verschiedenen Infos.

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