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Hanami Ritual

The Hanami ceremony in Japan celebrates the fragility of the beauty of the cherry blossom (Sakura) in spring.
It is during the spring time when the cherry trees bloom and each year the Hanami is celebrated according to the tradition in this ceremony, people meets in the parks to have picnics with friends, relatives, coworkers, until the night and it is called Yozakura.

Hanami Ritual

The fragile and beautiful petals of the cherry blossom Sakura are pink, they are more than the symbol of spring, their meaning goes much further, because it represents the ephemeral life and are symbols of the Samurai warriors.

The old warrior code of ethics was to live life with beauty or passion, to live with sincerity and inner beauty even if it were fleeting, the fall of the flower represents the reincarnation of the warriors who died in combat.

The ephemeral of life or transience of life represents the fall of the flower, contemplate the beauty of this act with hope.

Life itself as a precious treasure should be enjoyed to the fullest, celebrating each day as a new awakening.

The celebration is the strength of hope, the confidence that everything is transitory, nothing is permanent, hope and trust that something new comes in every experience.

The Japanese expression Hana Fubuki "rain of petals" (Fubuki means snowstorm) a light rain of petals, beautiful to the eyes, pure beauty, delicate and fragile.

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