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One of the most limiting thoughts that I have been able to experience, and perhaps you also are a deep existential anguish that it repeated too often: The seeking of complete perfection is a trap that plays tricks on us, especially when we relate to others, we believe that to be loved and accepted we need to be perfect, destroying our creativity and personal expression.

Where all these ideas came from, that we need to be perfect to be successful, to be accepted, loved, we have been absorbing them from and every messages that the system sent to us by this increasingly busy, critical, aggressive, superficial society, we have to break with this belief and understand, because there will always be someone who defects something, (there are people who may think that Beethoven´s symphonies are still a bit shrill) achieving perfection is an illusion.

The Lenormand oracle card

The Lenormand oracle card 16 - The Stars is the card that personality fascinates me, it is a card full of possibilities, very positive. The night is calm and soft, it shows you the right path and blesses your way. A deep peace is reborn from within you and feels that everything flows.

Predicts: Well-being, harmony, wishes fulfilled, successes in love and professionally, spirituality, psychic gifts.

Seduce the Great Magic of the stars, and it will always return to you, just as a crow flies towards that bright object that turns.

Dedicate to what fascinates you and do it without thinking about what should be perfect. What do you like to do? Singing, dancing, drawing, yoga, knitting, cooking, skating, writing, anything that transports you away from routine, from your programmed thoughts, dive into your unique, wonderful, fascinating, magical space.

This is what children do by a natural behavior, but we have forgotten as adults.

Dedicate to what fascinates you and make you feel alive, build your own little world, that´s where you open yourself up to many possibilities and you let your guard down!

May your magic together with the light of the stars illuminate your path with joy, harmony, peace and love.

Light & Love
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