Two feminine and masculine energies

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Two feminine and masculine energies

All people are a mixture of the two feminine-masculine energies, depending on what we are doing in the day one or the other energy will be acting without realizing it.
For example, if you are working trying to organize everything to achieve your goals, you are in your masculine energy, if you observe your body in that state, it is strong, vertical, rigid.

If on the other hand when you are in a dance class, following into the rhythm of the music, moving your hips , your whole body is in fluid constant movement, relaxed, there is manifesting your feminine energy.

In order to identify each energy and how it manifests, it can be a great help and personal discovery, to get to know parts that we were not aware of, to understand our emotions and how to manage them, to achieve the best version of ourselves independently of our sex. Energy is not gender.

Female Energy

It shines - it brings light to the world, a flower is beautiful in a natural way without effort, sometimes more motherly and sometimes more wild.

Love - the main objective of the feminine energy is to receive and deliver love, it is the force of life.

Flow - it is carried away, constant fluid, it changes every moment, that it is like the weather in Munich in the same day all seasons sun, clouds, wind, rain.

Male Energy

Direction - The energy, masculine is direction, the focus is on where to go, destiny, purpose. When the masculine energy has no objective, it feels lost.

Task - has to do only one thing at a time. Troublemaker; sees a problem and wants to fix it (even if it does not exist)

Presence - Strong physical presence, focused on itself, sense of purpose, rigidity does not change with external elements.

Female energy challenges

Love - The priority of the feminine is love. How many times have you heard the story of a person of feminine essence, complain that your partner no longer loves you, even if everything else is perfect, you do not feel at peace, something is missing.

Share - this energy always wants to share, to communicate is a pleasure, without seeking a particular objective.

Fill yourself up - when the feminine energy feels lack, your desire is to fill yourself either with attention, love, for example go shopping, eat chocolate, ice cream everything you can find in the fridge.

Male energy challenges

Freedom - the main objective of the masculine is freedom. Commitment costs a lot of effort, for male energy nothing makes sense if you do not do it yourself.

Success - The only measure of life for a male being is his success. Whether working, economic, family or academic but always competing for the best.

Emptying - What the masculine energy when is not well it has to feel light, either going on a trip with a backpack and four things, ejaculating, looking for a way to have nothing

The important thing about this is to know where each of the energies takes you, to know what you need in each option and how to develop the energy that you lack.

For example, there are days that I get up and all I want is to work, feel free, and reach my dreams that day I am more present in my masculine energy.

If on the other hand when I feel that I want to be with someone, to feel the hug, to have the attention about my hair or how I look, I will be in my feminine energy.

All this regardless of sex.


The final key to building and experiencing a full and exceptional relationship, is to work on yourself first: fight to get rid of your fears, approach more intimately with the person you are, focus on what you can give to your partner, so we must understand in reality where you are in terms of intimate relationships.

90% of women have a feminine essence equal to 90% of men a masculine, however all combinations are correct, it may be the case that a man has a female sexual essence and being heterosexual, this man will feel more at ease with a couple that has a masculine sexual essence

A female energy with a male energy connection and sexual, physical attraction will be greater since they are opposite. However two similar energies for example two masculine essences, the attraction between them will decrease.

Summarizing, today with so much gender revolution and war of sexes, having both rights and obligations, the beautiful thing is that both allow themselves to be carried away without fear with greater openness to experiment, the man letting himself be embraced by the feminine energy and the woman not be intimidated by the strong and powerful presence of man.

With these two energies, Tantra offers a way of understanding life and enjoying life and relationship with fulfillment.

Light & Love
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